Gold Dredging in Nome, Alaska

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With today’s gold prices, more people have their sights on Nome, Alaska for their next big gold mining adventure. Though Nome is one of the most remote communities in Alaska, this is not the Old West that it used to be. Most of the land around Nome’s road-system is owned by corporations, private land holders or the State of Alaska. As a general rule, most of the federal lands outside of Nome are not accessible by automobile.

The Nome Convention & Visitors Bureau does not maintain land ownership records; however, below you will find contact information for both the State and Federal agencies that may be able to assist you with questions concerning mining on State and Federal lands.

For mining on State Land or for off-shore recreational gold mining
State of Alaska

Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Division of Mining, Land & Water
DNR Public Information Center: (907) 269-8400

For miners who will be dredging in navigable waters

“State and Federal Equipment Requirements for Mining in Marine and Navigable Waters”

General Information About Gold Mining Around Nome

The following PDF links contain information concerning recreational gold mining around Nome. If you have questions about the attached information, please call the DNR Public Information Center phone number listed above.




For mining on Federal Land

US Department of the Interior
Bureau of Land Management (BLM)

Nome BLM Field Station
(907) 443-2177.

Search for gold on Private Land

For those who prefer to pan or metal detect for gold rather than gold dredging, AKAUGOLD offers these opportunities on their private property located several miles outside of Nome. This company is not associated with gold dredging, or dredging in salt water. For dredging information, please use the State of Alaska, Department of Natural Resources contact information listed above.

AKAUGOLD (Nome Chamber of Commerce Member)
Mile 3 Glacier Creek Rd.
Tours of panning for gold and historical mining relics preserved in our outdoor museum. Prospecting for gold on a daily basis.


Most of the beaches around Nome are privately owned; therefore, prior permission may be required before setting up camp. The Bureau of Land Management maintains Salmon Lake Campground, which is the only designated public campground on Nome’s road-system. “Salmon Lake” is located approximately 40 miles north of Nome on the Kougarok Road.


Though there are no designated Gold Mining Supply stores in Nome, there are several vendors that sell gold pans, classifiers, sniffer bottles and metal detectors. There are also hardware stores that carry general hardware supplies, PVC fittings, hoses, etc.

If you have never been to Nome before, you may find beneficial information in our Relocation Guide. This guide contains information concerning getting yourself and your supplies to Nome, as well as other options for places to stay if you will not be camping.