Bonanza Express

Convenience Store
Bonanza Express is a gas/diesel station that also offers retail of convenience items, snacks & coffee.

Come by to shop & fuel up. Gas/diesel pumps are available 24/7 via self-service credit/debit/Blue (Fleet) Card.

Customers can earn rewards with Express Stickers – awarded one sticker for every $20 spent (including gas/diesel)! Reward Stickers must be collected at time of purchase & can be used for Alaska Airline Miles or Discounts off purchases.

Bonanza Express has product offerings from snacks, coffee, soft serve ice cream & convenience items. Best sellers include energy drinks, self-serve cappuccino, chips, & candies.

Branded products include hoodie sweatshirts, hats, coffee mugs, & Bluetooth speakers/headphones.

ATM is available in store. Bush Orders are welcome!

Proudly a Sitnasuak Native Corporation wholly owned subsidiary - benefiting Alaska Native shareholders.

400 Bering Street, Nome, AK, 99762
open daily 7:30AM to 10:30PM
mailing address