Relocation Guide for Nome, Alaska

“There’s No Place Like Nome” for Your Next Move

Population 3,653 (City Limits)

We hope your move to Nome is a pleasant and prosperous venture.
Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance to you. Feel free to
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How to Get You and Your Belongings to Nome

Nome, Alaska is about 540 air miles, or about a 1-1/2 hour flight, northwest of Anchorage. Driving to Nome is not possible since the community is not part of Alaska’s road-system.

*Nome Chamber of Commerce Member


1-800-252-7522 or 907-266-7230
Alaska Airlines round-trip Jet Service to Nome from Anchorage Two times Daily

Cargo/Pets/Vehicles (by Sea)

Barge Services: Vehicles, Mobile Homes, Containers, Heavy Equipment, and other freight

Alaska Logistics
(866) 585-3281
Departs from Seattle and Alaska
(Seattle, Seward, Bethel, Nome, Dillingham, Naknek)

Northland Services
(800) 426-3113
Departs from Seattle, Alaska and Hawaii

Cargo/Pets/Vehicle (by Air)

1-800-252-7522 or 907-266-7230
Cargo, Snow machines, ATV’S, Pets.
They do not transport automobiles.

Era Alaska
(907) 443-7595 or 1-(800) 866-8394
Cargo, Pet, ATV transport within Alaska.
They do not transport automobiles

Everts Air Cargo
(907) 443-7348 or 1-(866) 242-0009
Cargo and automobiles within Alaska

(907) 443-4671 or (907) 245-1544
Cargo and automobiles within Alaska and other parts of the world
via land or sea

Northern Air Cargo
(907) 443-5035/ (907) 243-3331 or 1-(800) 478-3330
Cargo, Automobiles, Pets, Snowmobiles, ATVs under 17’within Alaska

Ryan Air (ATS)
ATS is the local agent for Everts Air Cargo & Northern Air Cargo
1-(888) 520-7963
Cargo ONLY- They do not transport automobiles.

Find a Home or Apartment


New Frontier Realty (907) 304-3498 or 304-2191 Residential and Commercial property

Nome Sweet Homes
(907) 443-7368
Residential and Commercial property

USDA Rural Development
(907) 443-6023
Funding assistance for Rural housing development

Norton Sound Suites
990 Greg Kruschek Road
P.O. Box 1365
Nome, AK 99762
(907) 434-1357


Nome Apartment and House Rentals
Click HERE for list.

Extended Stay Rentals

Hello Central Guest House
Perfect for single new-hires who need time to find permanent housing.  Provides month-to-month or 6 month housing options.  Clean and safe.  One person per room (small rooms)  Close to the elementary school and hospital.  This is a "shared living arrangement".   Please visit our web site for pictures.
(720) 333-2120

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) (907) 443-2888 Low income rentals


*Nome Chamber of Commerce Member

Electricity/Water/Sewer/Heating Oil

Bonanza Fuel
(907) 387-1222
Heating Oil, Diesel, Gasoline, Propane

Crowley Marine Service
(907) 443-2219
Heating Oil, Diesel, Gasoline, Propane

Nome Joint Utility System
(907) 443-6587
Electricity, City Water, Sewer

Phone, TV and Internet Services

Be sure to check with your current Cellular Provider for coverage in the Nome area if not listed here.

Alaska Communications Systems
Located at Alaska Commercial Company Grocery Store
(907) 443-2243
Authorized Cell Phone Retailer

(907) 443-6768
Authorized Cell Phone Retailer

110 Front Street, Suite 107 907-443-2550 Cable, Cell Services, Internet Services, Long Distance, Local Phone Service

(907) 443-5466
Cable, Cell Services, Internet Services, Long Distance, Local Phone Service

Dish Satellite
Get DISH packages in Nome, AK

Banks & Credit Unions

Wells Fargo Bank
(907) 443-2223

Credit Union 1
(907) 339-9485 or 1-(800) 478-2222


Alaska Job Center
(907) 443-2626 or (907) 443-2460
For Government and non Government Jobs



Anvil City Science Academy
(907) 443-6207
Charter School for 5th-8th

District Office
(907) 443-2231

University of Alaska, Northwest College Campus
(907) 443-2201

Kawerak Head Start Program
(907) 443-5294
Teaches Social Competence for Children ages 3-5

Nome Beltz Junior High & High School
(907) 443-5201

Nome Elementary School
(907) 443-5299

Nome Preschool
(907) 443-2943


*Nome Chamber of Commerce Member

(907) 443-7477
Treating neck pain, back pain and headaches with
chiropractic care and massage therapy.

Nome Dental
(907) 443-2055/3309

Norton Sound Health Corp. Dental Clinic
(907) 443-3309

Norton Sound Health Corp. Eye Clinic
(907) 443-3235

Norton Sound Regional Hospital
(907) 443-3311


Norton Sound Regional Hospital Pharmacy
(907) 443-3319

(907) 440-8660
Circuit Care at Recreation Center

Alaska Family Doctor
(907) 304-3301

Local Transportation

We have a wide variety of modes of transportation in Nome. If living in town, most destinations are within walking distance. There are a large number of vehicles in Nome as well as All Terrain Vehicles (ATV’s) & Snowmobiles.

*Nome Chamber of Commerce Member

Cab Services

Cab services are based on a flat rate heading in one direction per customer and vary per distance. When hailing a cab expect to share the ride as several customer pickups may occur.

Checker Cab Inc.

Vehicle Rentals

Stampede Vehicle Rentals
Aurora Inn (907) 443-3838 / (800)354-4606

Dredge No. 7 Inn (for B&B Guests only)
(907) 304-1270

Vehicles for Sale

There are no car dealers in Nome; however, used vehicles are often times advertised for sale. ATV’s and Snowmobiles are modes of transportation that are currently allowed throughout some sections of Nome.

Please read Chapter 8.15 in the Code of Ordinances of Nome which pertain to ATV use in the city.
ALASKA COMMERCIAL COMPANY* 1/2 mile Nome Teller Hwy. 907-443-2243 ATV Sales

Morgan’s Sales and Service
(907) 443-7533 or 1-(877) 443-7533
Full Service Dealership ATV, Snowmobile, UTV, Gear Sales

Wilderness Ski-Doo
(907) 443-5519 or 1-(800) 443-5517
Full Service Dealership ATV, Snowmobile, Gear Sales

Animal Care

Nome Animal House
(907) 443-2490
Animal Boarding, Dog Grooming, Pet Supply Store

How to Dress

Many have thoroughly enjoyed the casualness of living in Nome, Alaska. Shirt, jeans, and tennis shoes or boots are the most common attire throughout the year. Only a few roads are paved, therefore dust in summer months is quite often an issue, hence the need to leave dress attire at home.

Summer temperatures in Nome are quite enjoyable with averages of 44°F to 58°F. Warmer temperatures in the summer can often be found by driving into the country away from the coast. A light weight water/wind resistant jacket, a pair of rain boots and rain coat for the wet days will protect you from elements in summer months. It is always a good idea to dress in layers so you are able to easily adjust to the changing temperatures of the day.

If you plan to hike in the tundra be sure to keep an extra pair of socks with you as your feet might get wet due to marshy conditions. Winter months, which are long, are very different though. Temperatures average from -3°F to 15°F with wind chills plummeting the temperature as low as -60° or colder!

Please take into account the severity of the weather here as these extremely low temperatures can be deadly. If you dress in the appropriate gear you can be quite comfortable even in these sub-arctic temperatures.You should also be aware that the weather can change rapidly here; therefore, you will need to be prepared for the unexpected year round. For more information about cold weather preparedness, feel fee to check out the guide, “WINTER STORMS THE DECEPTIVE KILLERS”.

We thank you for the privilege of serving you as you endeavor to make Nome your home. We hope that the information on our website is of great benefit to you. Please be sure to stop by to see us at the Nome Visitors Center as we look forward to meeting you upon your arrival.

Other Helpful Resources

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City of Nome


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