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Will my cell phone work in Nome?

Typically, yes, your cell phone should work in Nome. The following providers offer cellular service in the Nome area:
GCI – AT&T – ACS – Singular – Cellular One – Verizon – MTA – Sprint – Cooper Valley Wireless

Are ATM’s available in Nome?

Yes, there are several ATM’s in Nome at the following locations:
Wells Fargo – Credit Union 1 – Alaska Commercial Co. – Nome Trading – Nome Grocery & Liquor – Bonanza Express – Breakers Bar – Anchor Tavern – Polaris bar

When does the sea ice melt in the spring?

The sea ice usually starts a “Break-up” period in late May. The ice will break into chunks and, depending on the currents and wind, slowly will be carried out to sea. During this period, however, the ice will be gone one day and back the next due to wind. There could be icebergs visible from the shore well into June.

When do the roads open?

Depending on the amount of snowfall and temperatures, all roads are typically open by the first week in June. Some are open as soon as mid-May. Please call the Nome Department of Transportation office at (907) 443-3444 for current information of the status of road closures/opening.

How should we dress?

The important thing to remember in the sub-arctic is to always be prepared. The weather can change rapidly here. In the spring/summer it is always a good idea to dress in layers, temperatures can range from the 40’s to the 80’s. A lightweight water/wind resistant jacket, and a rain jacket are good articles of clothing to have handy when in Nome, as well as a comfortable pair of walking shoes and if you are hiking bring an extra pair of socks, the tundra can be quite marshy and your feet might get wet.
In the winter, the extreme cold of the arctic winter can be extremely dangerous with wind chill plummeting temperatures to as cold as -60. It is important to have the proper cold weather gear when planning a trip to Nome: a warm jacket, hat, gloves, scarf, snow or ski pants, warm socks, & very warm boots are all basic gear to bring with you. If you are planning a trip into the country, do research on the proper gear to obtain before you travel.

Do you have Medical services?

Yes, the Norton Sound Regional Hospital is located in Nome and offers general medical services including a dental clinic and an eye clinic, as well as a public health clinic. Call (907) 443-3311 for more information.
There are also a few private practices in Nome:The Nome Dental clinic (907) 443-2055 and Natural Health Chiropractic (907) 443-7477

Can I get my hair done in Nome?

Yes, the following salons are available in Nome:
Arctic Hair -201 W. 5th – (907) 443-8088
Betty Ann’s Beauty Salon – 508 West Second Ave – (907) 443-2044
Golden Scissors – 3rd & N Street – (907) 443-2020
Hair by Stephanie – 221 Front Street – (907) 443-5087
Rave’n Cuts – 305 W. 4th Ave – (907) 443-8000

Where can I get business supplies?

There is an office supply store called Boynton Office Systems that offers a range of business supplies and services. Call (907) 443-7693 for more information.

Where can I get camping supplies?

Nome Outfitters – 120 West 1st Ave, (907) 443-2880

Come by the Visitor Center!

Whether you need a map, trip advice, or just some good old conversation, the staff at the Nome Visitor Center are more than happy to help.
Hours: Open Monday-Friday 9am-5pm