Traveling to Nome

The city of Nome is in Northwest Alaska, on the Seward Peninsula. Nome is a coastal Bering Sea community located on the northern coast of the Norton Sound, 539 air miles north of Anchorage. There are three scheduled passenger flights per day from Anchorage operated by ALASKA AIRLINES*: (800)-445-4435  or 907-443-2288.

The Nome airport is approximately 1.4 miles from downtown Nome.

Taxi Service

Checker Cab, Inc.
310 E. 4th Avenue

Vehicle Rental

Stampede Vehicle Rentals – (907) 443-3838 or800-354-4606

Dredge No.7 Inn – (907) 304-1270 (For B&B Guests only)

Stosh’s Rental, Inc. – (907) 434-1499

Commuter Flights to  Norton Sound Villages, Kotzebue, and even the Russian far east.

Bering Air (907) 443-5464 offers service to the surrounding villages and Kotzebue, and chartered flights to the Russian far east.

Evergreen Helicopters (907) 443-5334 offers service to Wales, and once the sea-ice retreats, they also serve Little Diomede Island.

Nome is not located on the Alaska Highway system, and other than flying, can only be reached via water and some snowmobile/dogsled trails. There are no ferries that serve Nome; however, more cruises are stopping in Nome each year.