Farley Mobile

Chugie is selling tires, repairing tires, selling batteries, replacing batteries, and can unlock vehicles.

Farley Mobile is a full service, mobile repair operation with initial offerings of new tire sales,tire repair, seasonal tire change over, tire balancing, battery installation and roadside assistance.


Howard "Chugie" Farley, Jr., Owner​

Howard “Chugie” Farley, Jr. was born and raised in Nome, Alaska. Chugie worked in the auto-parts industry for twenty-six years in addition to fishing and providing maritime charters on a part-time basis before starting Farley Mobile Repair and Sales. In addition to repairing tires and providing roadside assistance, Chugie is a talented mechanic who oversees the upkeep and repairs of the Farley Marine fleet and is a Partner in Farley Marine, LLC. Chugie is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys providing for his family through subsistence hunting and fishing. Chugie is married to Jessica, and together they have one son, Benjamin.

mailing address
P.O. Box 1423