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Whether it's a small pair of hand-made earrings, an ornate walrus ivory carving, a woven basket, a skin sewn doll, or a large sculpture brought to life from a piece of old whalebone- if it's native art from Northwest Alaska you'll find it at Maruskiya's. Maruskiya's has been home in Nome, AK for over 40 years. During this time, Maruskiya's have had the distinct privilege of working with Inupiaq, St. Lawrence Island Yupik, and Yup'ik Alaska Native artists. They buy each day from artists living in Nome and the surrounding villages-- everything from elegant jewelry to large sculpture vividly depicting culture, tradition and rural life through the lens of art.

247 Front Street, Nome, AK 99762
(907) 443 2467
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PO Box 895, Nome, AK 99762