Naataq Gear LLC

Clothing, Qaspeq, Kuspuk, traditional
Clothing inspired by our traditional inuit Qaspeq (Kuspuk)

Come break trail with us! The Qaspeq (kuspuk) is a traditional Alaskan garment. It is a hooded overshirt with a large front pocket. Before modern fabrics and designs, Qaspeqs were carefully handcrafted with local resources to provide protection from Alaska’s harsh climate. Seal intestine was used to make Qaspeqs water-resistant, and the garments were worn over fur parkas to keep the parkas clean and dry. As western culture made its way north and barges brought in supplies, Alaskan women started utilizing imported materials, such as cloth from flour sacks that came off the barges, to create Qaspeqs. As time passed, distinct designs were developed that made it so people’s genders and home villages could be easily identified from a distance based on the type of Qaspeqs they were wearing. The Qaspeq has a rich history that continues today with new designs and materials. At Naataq Gear, we offer our own version - a breathable, hardshell, water-resistant jacket with the traditional pocket design, trim patterns, and Alaskan spirit.

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