Winter Tours

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Roam Nome
(907) 443-3630
Get out of town and into the wild! Roam Nome specializes in guided birding day trips on the Nome road system, day hikes, and snowshoe outings. A one-hour slideshow about (and inside!) Nome’s oldest surviving gold rush building, the former Discovery Saloon, is also available. Owner Carol Gales, a Nome resident since 1996, has been birding in Nome for the past 10 years. Let us right-size a tour to match your interests, availability, and energy level. Group size is limited to a maximum of three (OK, maybe four!) people. Get in touch for details, and let’s make a plan to roam Nome!
Planet Earth Adventures, LLC
(907) 717-9666
Planet Earth Adventures has over 24 years of experience operating authentic and unique adventures. Curiosity about the world drives our desire to create new and unique experiences to get you off the well-beaten tourist paths. Enhancing your journey with authentic experiences, genuine cultural exchange and real exploration are the focal points on all of our adventures.
Nome Discovery Tours
(907) 443-2814
Year-round – Van tours & tundra/beach walks: See historical Nome. Hear about the pre-history, contact, and the Eskimo People today. Experience the amazing tundra. See wildlife in its natural setting!
Alaskan NW Adventures LLC
(907) 304-2003
Unique adventure tours in remote Alaska. Day trips available. All-inclusive packages. If you don't see something, ask!

(907) 443-5464
Fly over the frozen Bering Sea, or get aerial views of wild herds of Muskox! During the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race, fly over the trail to the last checkpoint of the Last Great Race!

(907) 304-1038
Year-round – Van tours: Historical Tours, including seeing the finish line of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race!

(907) 304-1048
Snowmobile rides across the frozen Bering Sea to observe subsistence crab fishing. Also provides snowmobile trips in search of Muskox, moose and reindeer!

Don Erickson: (907) 304-1383
Two companies provide tours aboard a tracked vehicle. Enjoy a ride across the snow covered frozen tundra to view wildlife and gold rush landmarks across a beautiful and wild land. Muskox sightings on this trip are very common!

If you are looking for an amazing and authentic adventure in Nome, our 9-day Iditarod Finish & Northern Lights Tour package is the Superbowl for Iditarod fans!

485 W. Pioneer Dr. Wasilla AK 99654
Private guided air & land tours to see and experience the Iditarod Sled Dog Race from Anchorage to Nome. A wide variety of “super cool” day trips and charters are available from Nome. Join us for Mardi-Gras with the dogs!

Come by the Visitor Center!

Whether you need a map, trip advice, or just some good old conversation, the staff at the Nome Visitor Center are more than happy to help.
Hours: Monday-Saturday, 9am - 5pm, Sunday: 10am - 2pm